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5 Things To Keep In Mind Before Septic System Installation

When it comes to keeping your household clean and sanitary, the septic system plays a significant part.

It does the critical task of storing and treating the wastewater generated through daily activities. However, the septic system installation needs to be handled carefully to prevent issues later on. 

That is why this guide has discussed some of the most important factors to consider before installing a septic system. So, dive in!

5 Things To Know Before Installing A Septic System

1. Size Of The Septic Tank

The most important component of any septic system is the tank which stores all the wastewater. So, it is essential to ascertain the size of the tank before proceeding with the installation. Usually, a low-capacity septic tank is more suitable for a smaller household since the volume of wastewater generated won’t be that high. Conversely, a high-capacity septic tank is more feasible if you have a large family.

2. Terrain

Some of the most crucial elements of a septic system, such as the tank and sewer lines, are installed in the ground. That is why the terrain needs to be considered before the installation. You should make sure that the terrain isn’t very hard or soft, as it can affect the installation process. Besides, it should be relatively level so that wastewater runoff can be avoided.

3. Accessibility

The septic system requires periodic maintenance, so you should install it at an easily accessible location on your property. It should not be too close or too far from the house. Likewise, the tank should not be installed very deep in the ground, either.

4. Landscape Features

When installing a septic system, you should ensure that the landscape is free from trees and other buildings. And make sure to install it away from any large water bodies, such as lakes or ponds. These landscape features may obstruct the pipes of the septic system and affect its normal functioning.

5. Costs

Obviously, the most important thing to consider before installing a septic system is the overall cost. This should involve all the expenses that you need to bear during the installation process, such as the component prices and labour costs. You should always try to stay within the budget, or else you might be in a difficult financial situation.


Installing a septic system in your household can be a challenging task, even if you are an expert DIYer. This is due to the highly technical nature of such a system, where even the slightest mistake may have serious consequences. 

That is why it is better to hire a good installation company to get it done for you at a nominal fee. So, if you are looking to install a septic system at your new house, call the experts immediately!