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Do Expensive Funeral Services Make Sense?

In recent years, the cost of funeral services has become incredibly high, and even well-off families are finding them quite unaffordable. 

The situation has grown so dire that funerals are now being termed as one of the greatest expenses of life. But with rising costs, many people wonder whether such expensive funerals are worth it. 

This guide strives to answer that question while considering all the important factors related to the subject so that you can make the right choice. So, read on to learn more.

Funeral Services

Reasons Why Funerals Can Be Expensive

To know whether you should spend on an expensive funeral, it is important to understand what makes funerals costly in the first place. The most common reasons include:

1. Multiple Services

Every funeral home offers several services, including embalming, transportation, cremation, and the sale of items like caskets and urns required for the funeral. All of these have their own costs, which can add up to a significant amount. 

Such services often also include a dedicated visitation centre, such as the funeral visitation centre in Ajax, which can further increase the costs.  

2. Funeral Homes Are Different From Large Businesses

Most funeral companies are small businesses and offer customized services while operating round the clock. This makes them different from other businesses, especially large ones which can earn profits to manage their operating expenses.

The running expenses of such businesses are quite high, and they need to make up for that through the fees charged from customers.  

Should You Spend A Large Amount On Funerals?

People can spend a huge amount on funerals due to many reasons. In some cases, they may hand over all the arrangements to the funeral director, which can lead to high costs. Alternatively, they may spend more to maintain their status in the community. 

They may also not have spent much time searching for a funeral company with reasonable prices or may spend more to demonstrate their concern and compassion. In any case, before spending a large amount, it is best to understand your current situation. 

The purpose of a funeral is to send your loved one off in a proper, dignified manner. If the deceased had any particular requests, it is the duty of the family to see them fulfilled. 

Other than that, consider the crucial elements of the funeral which cannot be avoided. Many families choose to complete the funeral arrangements themselves instead of relying on a funeral home, which can help save a lot of money. 


There is no doubt that a funeral can be an incredibly costly affair, but there are several ways to make the process affordable. The most important thing is to consider your financial position when deciding on the type and scale of the service. 

It is also a good idea to research various options regarding funeral companies and the services offered by them. This may help you find a funeral home that can provide the required services without being too costly. So, contact your nearest funeral home to learn about the services and prices charged for each before making a decision.