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Vaping 101: Common Mistakes To Avoid

Replicating the experience of smoking when using e-cigarettes is challenging, and it takes some time to understand the intricacies of vaping.

It’s recommended that beginners use starter kits before switching to more advanced devices, but during this transition, you will likely make some common mistakes. The problem arises if you keep making the same mistakes and don’t realize where you are going wrong.

Today’s guide looks at certain things you must avoid to get the most out of e-cigarettes


Vaping 101: Common Mistakes To Avoid

1. Choosing The Wrong E-Liquid

Most people who don’t get the best vaping experience are usually unaware of the PG: VG ratio. You might have chosen an e-liquid that looks good, but it won’t serve the purpose when the PG: VG ratio is incorrect. 

When you find that the vapour levels are low or vaping leads to a sore throat, it would be best to increase the VG ratio. You can visit any vape store to find which e-liquid will deliver the most satisfying results or ask fellow vapers using similar settings for help. 

2. Coil Maintenance

Even when you purchase a high-quality device, not maintaining the coils will hamper the vaping experience. This is why many vapers complain about a burnt taste, which happens when you forget to change the coils and leave them inside for too long.

When people burn the coils, it usually means that all of the liquid is lost, and users are taking a “dry inhale,” resulting in an unpleasant or burnt taste. So, clean the coils and clear the clogs after a few weeks.

Also, ensure that you allow the liquid to settle and that the cotton is wet before vaping.

3. Leaving It Activated

Everyone forgets several things throughout the day, and vapers are no exception, often throwing their devices into a bag while it’s still on. But you should always check whether the device is switched off to prevent leakage. Moreover, your problems will be further compounded if you accidentally power it up while travelling, thereby affecting the battery life or leading to additional damage. 

Even if you leave the device unattended for a few minutes, it’s a good habit to turn it off. 

4. Cleaning The Tank

Another maintenance tip you must never forget is cleaning the tank between vape juices. It would be wise not to add a new flavour into the tank unless the previous fluid has run out completely, following which you must clean the tank properly. Failing to do so will cause both liquids to mix and result in bad taste.


If you have been a regular smoker, switching to vaping will take time, but even then, people tend to be negligent about the process, which affects their experience.

Since it’s not as easy as taking a few drags of a cigarette and throwing it away, keeping the vape machine in proper condition is critical. Also, never compromise on quality; choose only the best e-liquids and try out several flavours to pick the right juice.

If you are still in doubt, visit a vape shop ASAP and seek guidance from expert vapers!