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What is a Load Bank and How Can It Be Used?

Have you ever heard of a load bank? If not, you’re not alone. Load banks are powerful devices used in various industries and applications to test power sources such as generators and batteries.

But what exactly is a load bank, and how can it be used?

In this blog post, we’ll explore the basics of a load bank and discuss some ways it can be used.

Load Bank

Load Banks: What Is It?

A load bank is an electrical device that acts like a resistor, providing resistance to draw current from another source, such as a generator or battery. It comprises several resistors (usually constructed from carbon fiber) that form one large resistance value.

This allows for precise control over the amount of power drawn from any given source because each resistor can be adjusted independently. The goal of a load bank is to simulate real-world loads so that the system’s performance under test (SUT) can be accurately measured.

Uses for Load Banks

Load banks can be used in many scenarios, from testing residential backup generators to evaluating commercial solar systems. Here are some other common uses for load banks:

  • Testing New Equipment: A load bank provides an easy way to test new equipment before it goes into operation. By using the load bank’s adjustable resistors, engineers can precisely set the stress level on various components to identify potential weak points or failure points in the system.

  • Stress Testing & Maintenance: Load banks are also commonly used during regular maintenance and stress tests on existing equipment. By applying extra stress through an increased current draw, technicians can identify problems before they lead to more catastrophic breakdowns down the line.

  • Troubleshooting Faults & Short Circuits: Lastly, when dealing with faulty wiring or short circuits, a load bank can help by accurately measuring current flow through each segment and pinpointing where there may be a problem or fault within the circuit itself.


From testing new equipment to troubleshooting faults and short circuits, there are many diverse uses for load banks in almost every industry imaginable. 

They provide accurate measurements with adjustable currents and help identify potential weak spots in any system under test before it fails disastrously in production use.

If you want someone to take your load banking or generator repairing hassle, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be happy to help you out.