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Is It Easy To Outsmart A Criminal Lawyer? Explained

In the legal world, every so often, people are accused of a crime they would never admit to. And to defend themselves, they hire a criminal lawyer.

It’s the job of a criminal defence lawyer to ensure their client has access to strong criminal defence when facing criminal charges. But to do so, lawyers require their clients to be completely transparent about the information they require.

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And sometimes, people try to lie to their lawyers about a particular criminal charge. Clients often obfuscate or distort facts to look good to their lawyers, be it due to lack of trust or an embarrassing detail. Antithetical as it may sound, it does happen on a regular basis.

This begs the question: is it easy to outsmart or successfully lie to a criminal lawyer? Let’s explore all angles of this case and find out the answer.

How Easy Is It To Outsmart A Criminal Lawyer?

The answer to this question is twofold: one deals with personal details, while the other involves the law. 

A criminal lawyer cannot discern whether the personal details of their client are accurate or not unless it can be proven factually. This can include their daily habits or personal history, and the lawyer has to trust the client for reliable and accurate information on the matter.

On the other hand, no client can outsmart a lawyer unless they have extensive knowledge of the law. Even a junior lawyer or law student has a greater knowledge of the legal world than someone who hasn’t studied law much. In short, it’s next to impossible to outsmart a criminal lawyer when it comes to their profession.

Should A Client Outsmart A Criminal Lawyer?

Now, even if a client can outsmart a lawyer, that doesn’t mean they should. There are many reasons behind it, but the most prominent of them all is that this would harm their case directly. If the lawyer receives inaccurate information, the opposition can easily leverage it to try and turn the case around in their favour. The consequences of this happening are fairly apparent.

While a client withholding information from their attorney is bad enough, keeping the lawyer out of the loop and taking action is even worse. This also leaves the defendant open to being under intense scrutiny by the opposition pertaining to these actions. And when this happens, the lawyer will not be able to provide a good legal defence due to not being ‘in the know’.


So long as it doesn’t involve unverifiable details, it’s next to impossible for a client to outsmart a criminal lawyer. Attorneys deal with criminal law on a daily basis, and they have accrued enough experience to know when their clients are trying to outsmart them.

It’s generally inadvisable for clients to keep details hidden from attorneys, as it increases the chances of a guilty verdict by an insurmountable amount. Listening to the lawyers will always be the best possible thing to do when accused of a crime.

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